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Research Project | 90 day duration from confirmation of 25 firms
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The Impact of BIM on Time and Resource Allocation for Architectural Firms

Better project planning | Improved staffing plans | Informed billing insights
Minimal time and effort required from participants

BIM has changed our world: the demands on our resources have shifted, in time, in quantity, and in level of staff necessary to deliver our services. But how much, exactly?

Every firm has some sense of how their own world is changing, but there is currently no research that quantifies these shifts across large numbers of firms, projects, and levels of sophistication, allowing practitioners to develop a clear understanding of how architectural practice is changing in a broader sense.

Regardless of your firms experience with BIM, having specific knowledge of the shifts across firms compared to your own will allow you to make more informed practice decisions as regards project staffing, project billing, and even staff hiring. When armed with research demonstrating broad shifts across the profession in addition to your own experience, you can even give your clients insight into the swiftly changing world their projects occupy--and create--in our firms.

 Deliverable Benefits
Firms that support this research effort will receive:

  • A copy of the final research report documenting pre- and post-BIM trends including but not limited to:

  1. Overall shifting of time across a project broken out by size of firm, project type, delivery method, level of BIM experience and staff position (Proj Mgr, Proj Arch, Arch II, etc)
  2. Analysis of risk carried by firms
  3. Description of methodology and overall data sets
  4. Listing of participating firms
  • A customized report showing where their firm falls in that mix
  • Tailored observations and specific suggestions to consider based on research outcomes

Details (modified 6/17/2013)

  • Research effort will begin upon confirmed participation of a minimum of 25 firms and be completed within 90 days of start.
  • Each participating firm will provide data on three pre-BIM projects and three BIM projects, resulting in total data collection and reporting on 75 pre-BIM and 75 BIM projects.
  • Most data should be able to be generated straight from accounting / timekeeping software. Specific data requirements will be clarified with participants at beginning of research, but will likely include:
  • For each project:
  1. Hours per week per staff position
  2. Hours per phase per staff position
  3. Start date / end date / phase change dates
  4. Project type and scope (SF, $$)
  5. Project delivery method
  • General information required:
  1. Firm size and location
  2. Staff position list / catalog (Principal, Project Manager, Project Architect, Architect, etc; possibly also years  of experience plus direct cost per position)
  3. Firm’s BIM use description (based on brief survey)
  • Financial commitment: $750
  • NOTE: Provided data will be considered confidential and will not be shared or sold; all data will be used for research purposes only. 

Contact Markku Allison AIA at Scan to express interest and for participation details:

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Participating Firms 
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